The best fishing spots in Twin Falls

Anglers have a new fishing spot to visit within the Twin Falls area.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game invites the public to begin casting their lines at Rock Creek Canyon. The new fishing pond has been in the works for some time and is now ready for showtime. It was stocked with rainbow trout last year and another community of fish was placed there just a couple of months ago and then again in June.

Grass carp will be installed at the new recreational waterway to help keep vegetation at appropriate levels, especially during the warmer summer months. Rock Creek Park joins an impressive lineup of fishing destinations across the region.

Idaho is blessed with 26,000 miles of streams and rivers and more than 3,000 natural lakes that are packed with more than 40 game fish species.

For anglers, this is a terrific place to cast a line as opportunity is all around. Here are just a few places you should consider visiting the next time you want to head out for a fishing adventure and a chance to reel in a prize catch near Twin Falls.

Dierkes Lake is a fun place to visit – even scuba divers will venture out on this waterway. Stocked with blue gill and trout, the lake is an ideal fishing destination and a favorite among regulars.

Filer Pond is about 2.4 acres and is the larger of two adject fishing ponds. Nearby Kids Pond is open to children 12 under. Filer Pond is open year-round and is stocked with rainbow trout, and has also been occupied by largemouth bass and bluegill.

Crystal Springs Lake, which is near the Snake River, offers exciting shoreline fishing near the outflow, where activity can really pick up. If you choose, you can use a float tube for more convenient access to the rainbow trout.

Perrine Coulee features some of the more popular species, such as smallmouth bass, rainbow trout and northern pikeminnow. It’s best to head out to Perrine Coulee during the early parts of the morning, when anglers report to have the most luck reeling in a nice catch or two.

Magic Reservoir on Big Wood River is a popular destination for anglers on boats. It also has pristine shoreline access for easy casting and reeling. Head out to Magic Reservoir if you’re a beginner. You will be challenged, but are likely to drop a line and come away with brown trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass or yellow perch.

Twin Falls has so many outdoor adventures to be had. It is yet another reason why so many like to call it home. If you are interested in Twin Falls real estate, contact us today!