Top pizza places in Twin Falls

Whether you’re ordering take out or gathering with your family for a fun dinner night, pizza always makes things a little better.

So the next time you’re looking for a slice of heaven or you want to unbox the gift of pizza, take note of these fine pizza restaurants in the Twin Falls area.

Maxie’s Pizza

Bring your appetite because you’ll absolutely love Maxie’s pizzas, which are made with Italy-originated pizza pie dough.

The restaurant offers a variety of combination pizzas, various crusts, including deep dish and cauliflower, and other foods like pastas, salads, breadsticks and much more.

Maxie’s uses locally sourced cheeses and meats for its pizzas. They include the Hawaiian delight, four cheese and tomato, vegetarian, taco special, meat lovers and garlic ranch to name a few.


Slice always keeps it fresh — fresh ingredients and fresh takes on pizza pies. Slice mixes up its menu, offering new and exciting combinations daily.

For lunch or dinner, the special pizzas always hit the spot. The pizzas have a distinct smoky flavor as a result of the cooking process.

The brick-baked pizzas are generously topped with meats and a cornucopia of fresh produce, cheeses and other classic toppings.

Idaho Pizza Company

For more than 19 years, Idaho Pizza Company has connected with the community through its family and casual atmosphere and of course with its incredible pizza.

Idaho’s offers award-winning salad creations, sandwiches, starters and a full menu of pizza pies, including the specialties. One customer favorite is the loaded Idaho supreme pizza with salami, pepperoni, ground beef, Italian sausage, linguica, green peppers, onions and black olives. It really is the go-to combo pizza.

Other options include the Garden Valley delight, Cascade chicken and garlic, wilderness garlic extreme and other traditional and adventurous pizza pies.

Farmers market opens doors to public, new partners in Twin Falls

A farmers market with a fresher approach is moving into Twin Falls.

The revamped farmers market, which will debut this summer, promises closer partnerships with surrounding small business to enrich the open-mall experience for everyone involved.

Organizers are welcoming new vendors, artists and passionate creators of delicious foods and handcrafted goods. Visitors will notice a greater diversity of food trucks, crafts, baked goods, farmers and merchants.

They will also see some surprises. Businesses not always associated with a farmers market, such as a motorcycle company, will be in the mix at The Market on Main.

The kaleidoscope of vendors and other businesses will build on the good will and community growth that’s already common across Twin Falls.

The new farmers market will honor local business and its passions. Visitors will be treated to makers of authentic foods, local goods and art in an environment that’s inviting, friendly and supportive. It’s the type of hospitality and community warmth that residents and visitors of Twin Falls experience each and every day.

So get ready. Beginning June 12, you are cordially invited to bask in the sights, sounds and flavors of The Market on Main. It’ll be open Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. until September 25.