Tips for winterizing your home

The cold months of winter can be an easy reminder to cross some home maintenance projects off your list. Drafty rooms, dampness along windows and doors, and inconsistent temperatures throughout your home could be signs that it’s time to winter-proof your home.

Weatherizing your home can regulate temperatures and keep everyone a little more comfortable. You may also save money on your energy bill by sealing off leaks so warm air stays where it belongs.

Here are some simple ways to weatherize your home this winter season.

Check insulation

Depending on the age of the home, layout and other factors, it’s possible that installing new insulation is in order.

Well-insulated attic, flooring and crawlspaces can allow for temperatures inside the home to hold better and may also reduce energy costs, among other benefits. Solid home insulation also means less stress on your central heating and air system. This is the type of project that can be accomplished DIY-style, or you can hire a professional who can also conduct an energy audit to make sure everything is running like a well-oiled machine.

Update home décor

What does style have to do with comfort? Very little. But home décor, such as curtains and rugs, is a factor in home weatherization. Thick curtains can absorb the effects of a drafty window. A large area rug over cold floors will make everyone feel a little cozier.

Caulking for windows

Windows that breathe and let cold drafts inside are not ideal for keeping temperatures where you’d like them. They can also eat up energy resources and cause your utility bill to go up when it’s cold or hot outside. While window replacement is one possible solution, re-caulking is an effective and inexpensive way to weatherize your home.

Simple caulking applications around every window and door may seal off any openings that allow cold air to come in. This is another project you can do yourself, as there are plenty of step-by-step instructional aids online that will point you in the right direction.

Foam it in

Behind the plastic plate behind most of your home’s electrical outlets is a wider cavity that can let cold air into any room in the house. A simple ready-to-use foam spray can get into the crevasses and keep out cold air for good. This budget-friendly home weatherization project can be completed in just minutes.

Just make sure to take all necessary safety precautions before working with the outlet cover and filling with foam.

Seal with weather stripping

Filling in gaps and openings are a common theme in home weatherization. Along with other products, you can also use weather stripping for doors and windows. It’s one of the easiest replacements you can do as some products simply slide into place.

Did you know that sealing these gaps on doors and windows can save up to 15 percent on energy costs? This is just another incentive to weatherize your home this holiday season.

Every home weatherization project can make a difference in keeping things airtight. A well-insulated home can maintain temperatures, produce energy savings and make things just a little bit more comfortable all around.

Should you shop for a home during holidays?

With so much going on during the holiday season, who has time to buy a house? Yet, buying a home during the holidays could be an unconventional strategy that may get you ahead.

It might be hard to believe, but it’s possible to take advantage of today’s market. Here are some reasons why this holiday season could be the time to move in on a home of your dreams.

Fewer buyers

Some would-be buyers are in hibernation this time of year. As a result, the real estate market is less crowded. As demand subsides, the chances of your offer on a home being accepted may be higher. Home sellers are also aware of this wintry dynamic. They may be unlikely to list their home given the lack of competition. Their eyes could be set on spring, and prospects of a larger pool of homebuyers. So, if they do decide to list during winter, it’s more likely that they are well motivated and in sell-now mode  – which is another leg up to the homebuyer.

Discounted home services

The industry’s support service providers also experience a lull to their business this time of the year. Movers, inspectors, contractors and others with a professional lane in real estate might be more inclined to offer specials and discounted rates in the winter months.

It’s also less of a hassle to hire them during the holidays, which may help homebuyers save on time in addition to money. Since it’s not the typical season for home buying, this is another financial perk homebuyers may be able to count on if they decide to buy in the coming weeks and months.

Faster closing

Most people engaged in the real estate business right now want to get a deal done fast. Motivated sellers, for example, will work with real estate professionals to speed things up and might even make concessions along the way. Real estate agents, for example, might heed to their clients’ urgent schedules. And because it’s the holidays, they also might want to get off the hook and move forward with expediency wherever possible.

If you’re looking for an accelerated timeline to your home purchase, this could be the time to get it.

Greater flexibility from agents

Homebuyers might have better luck finding a real estate team to get them across the finish line. Since demand is not in peak, agents could have a little extra room to guide you through process. And if you’re entering the market to buy a home during winter, the real estate team knows you mean business and should be more than happy to help fulfill your holiday wish of becoming a homeowner.

If you need any help with the loan side of the purchase during the holidays, we can help! We would be honored to partner with you. Contact us today to learn more.