5 remodeling ideas for your garage

The home garage can sometimes play second fiddle to other spaces, often relegated as just the place for wide-use storage. A garage shelters your vehicle, laundry equipment and various other items inside storage containers.

It’s boring, yet absolutely needed.

But as you and your family spend more time at home, your garage can get a new lease on life with a remodeling project. Here are some ideas that will expand the functionality of your garage with style.

Add new flooring and fresh wall paint

If a total garage transformation is out of the question, start with new flooring and paint for a dramatic update. Most garage floors are made of concrete, which can look a little dull and are prone to cracking. Not to mention, most garage surfaces can soak up liquids and accumulate stains.

Before moving forward, it’s advised to have the floor resurfaced to make way for epoxy treatment. With this type of flooring, you can kiss floor stains goodbye and welcome in a shiny and updated look.

In addition, you can add larger floor matting, strong enough to handle the weight of a car, yet comfortable for various workouts.

Once the flooring is installed, the walls can also be made over with a fresh coat of paint or newly installed sheetrock, if needed.

Loft it out

You can refine your garage’s footprint while retaining all that storage capacity, and maybe adding to it, by installing a loft. Look up and imagine what’s possible with a loft. Your storage needs can be fulfilled overhead, leaving you plenty of room to roam and experiment with the space on the ground floor.

If you feel extra ambitious, the loft area can double as a storage and office space or an extra room. The possibilities are endless.

Put in windows

Get rid of the envelop of darkness inside your garage by bringing in some light, preferably, of the natural variety.

The installation of skylights or windows will bring in some much-needed natural lighting and allow for better airflow. This two-for-one means more visibility and less garage stuffiness.

Boost the insulation

Floor-to-ceiling insulation will help maintain consistent temperatures and save money on your utility bill. If you plan to spend more time inside the garage, this is a win-win.

Remember that the garage door takes up an entire side of the garage. In effect, the door is the garage’s biggest weak spot. That’s why it’s important to also address the door’s insulation. Some steel garage doors come pre-insulated, but other materials aren’t as efficient.

So, don’t let this weak spot go unprotected.

Dim lights for movie night

The garage is an ideal location for watching movies. With long and unobstructed walls, any side of the garage is just asking to have a movie projected upon it.

Given all the space, your entire family and guests will have plenty of leg room to sprawl out and enjoy movie night. Just add some seating, such as an oversized couch and chair, a home theater system and maybe a popcorn maker. That’s all you’ll need to host the next best movie night inside your reinvented garage space.

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Stylish and functional bathroom design ideas entire family will love

With summer still here and remote work schedules in full effect, you and your family are likely still spending a fair amount of time at home.

One unfortunate side effect of being at home is that you’re probably doing more cleaning, too. Bathrooms included. But this is also an opportunity to maximize the bathroom space with cool design ideas that are both stylish, functional and forward-looking.

Get started with these ideas if you’re ready to update your powder rooms for living in 2022.

Tech-first faucet

A touchless faucet might have been a No. 1 must-have at the start of the pandemic. Even today, techy faucets remain top market items as folks keep a focus on handwashing and other hygienic practices.

You can make any sink more inviting, stylish and functional with a touchless faucet, which can help you save on water and cleaning. They come in a variety of styles and are a budget-friendly way to make a big design splash inside the home’s bathrooms.

Outside-the-box storage

Your primary bathroom could be a hub for supplies and other items that belong neatly stored and out of sight.

Homebuilders understand that people want a highly functional space with multipurpose storage throughout the home. This approach works particularly well in the bathroom. It won’t be too long before bathrooms include bigger dressing areas, closets and maybe laundry rooms.

In the meantime, you can make the most of any space with your own with multipurpose storage containers and system in addition to cabinets, shelves and over-the-toilet storage.

Lighting boost

Plenty of homeowners are upgrading their light fixtures for aesthetic reasons. But enhanced lighting in your room goes beyond style.

Start with vanity lighting. A simple upgrade includes swapping out Edison light bulbs with more sustainable products that produce a bright and sparkling ambiance. Some vanities are self-lit and will give you more light to take care of your tasks in front of the mirror.

Other trends include gold and black finishes and white glass.

Touches of organic

Another emerging trend involves your bathroom’s overall look and feel. Natural, warm and earthy colors are in. Plants and complementary accents will also elevate your bathroom’s style. Think about natural materials, water-like blues and natural lighting such as skylights when dreaming up your bathroom space. Also, keep in mind that organic style leans more toward the philosophy of less is more.

Wallpaper with attitude

If you want to make a statement instead of keeping to an all-organic look, consider a splash of color and motif with a bold wallpaper.

Cover one side of the room, from floor to ceiling, with an unexpected wallpaper design. There are no shortages of design or themes, which should make it easy to find something that fits seamlessly inside your bathroom without compromising the overall aesthetics, edges and corners of the surrounding space.

Time-machine furniture

Go back in time and add a surprise layer of visual splendor with vintage furniture.

Your piece, such as a vintage chest with drawers, armoire or double sink, will be a conversation piece and solidify your overall design.

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