Large park, office space opening in downtown Boise

by | Nov 16, 2020

A large parking lot structure will be transformed into a half-acre park and nine-story office space in downtown Boise.

Construction is already underway for the development, which will help meet the growing needs in the area.

The new office building and park are expected to open by next summer.

Community members voiced a desire for greater outdoor gathering spaces and artwork.

Redevelopment officials believe the new project will become a destination for residents, city workers and tourists.

The large public investment aligns with the region’s growth goals. As more people move into the Boise area as housing demands go up, the community realized it needed more amenities to accommodate new residents.

The nine-story commercial space will include a bottom row of restaurants.

Grassy areas for events, stage, outdoor seating and a 23-foot-tall gentle breeze structure that moves with current weather conditions will be part of the half-acre park.

Leaders envision the new development will address the growing economy and help support local business.

Despite the many challenges stemming from the pandemic, Boise remains optimistic about the future. It is creating new jobs and new destinations for its residents and visitors.

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