Idaho named among top states for retirement living in 2021

by | Mar 11, 2021

Planning for retirement isn’t easy. The recent pandemic has further complicated things when it comes to saving money, a crucial variable in the retirement equation.

Choosing the right place to live is another important decision facing retirees. The consequences of the right home are far-reaching, as it’ll have an impact on taxes, quality of health care and other living costs.

A recent survey ranked the best and worst places for retirement life based on key metrics, such as living costs, quality of health care, climate, available amenities and overall livability. The survey also took into account direct resident comments.

The data is framed from the retiree perspective. The survey took a look at various factors of home affordability, such as median income, average home price, tax rate and cost of assisted living. For quality of life, the survey took into account communities that reflected the retiree population and featured desirable amenities. The number of quality health centers, number of doctors and dentists and the rating of retirement living were also a part of the methodology.

When all the numbers were calculated and all the feedback from residents quantified, the top 10 best states to retire in are Florida, Texas, West Virginia, Nevada, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Oklahoma.

Idaho fits a lot of the criteria for ideal retirement living, including its wide-open spaces and opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors. More importantly, the survey concluded that living and senior housing options are among the most affordable around. Property taxes are more friendly in Idaho. Some residents were a little concerned with population growth, which is moving at about half the average U.S. rate. Finally, the survey also lauded the falling crime rate across the state.

If you have fallen in love with Twin Falls and the surrounding area, we get it. With the region’s natural beauty and affordability, it’s the perfect place to live and start the next new phase of life — especially if you’re ready for retirement. Please contact us today to learn more about this beautiful region and the available mortgage programs designed with you in mind.