How to create the ultimate game room at home

by | May 20, 2022

Game night with your family, friends and neighbors can be loads of fun, especially if you score most of the points and win your share of matches.

Everyone is a winner, though, when you can gather inside a dedicated home game room you designed and built yourself. Imagine creating the perfect space where everyone can play their games. From board games, billiards, ping pong, gaming consoles, darts or other exciting indoor activities, everyone will feel like an all-star inside your special game room no matter what game you play.

To make the most out of your game room space, here are some of the essentials to consider.

Brainstorm and design

Transforming a bonus room, den or other space inside your home into a gathering place for play is an opportunity for total reimagination. To pull off a dream game room, proper planning is required.

The first step is to think about your goals. In other words, what type of gaming will the space host? You can engage your family and build the grand vision together. Jot down notes about the types of games and activities everyone is excited about and then piece everything together.

Know your space

Some rooms will be more suitable than others for a range of activities, depending on their size. If you plan to convert a bedroom, a pool hall-like game room is likely out of the question.

Each room will present a unique opportunity to create a fun getaway — if the size is just right.

It’s important to be realistic about space constraints. Game room fun comes in all sizes. And if the space is carefully optimized for gaming and hanging out, it’s possible to build a game room that lets you fully engage freely and comfortably.

As you plan it all out, you can begin to focus on what the room will be all about by balancing available space. It’s easy to maximize the space if you match it up with a compatible pastime.

You can go as far as using augmented reality apps that can produce a rough idea about how the equipment or gaming table will fit within the room.

You might also need to game-proof the room to avoid any incidental damage. If flying darts or hockey pucks are part of the fun, make sure to look into some type of wall protection.

Include furniture

Gaming chairs, foldable tables, shelving and other gaming furniture are essential.

Even if not needed for play, the game room should include a space where people can take a breather, put their feet up a little and relax during breaks.

Any type of game room can be tied together with a theme. An easy way to get started is consider décor that reflects the type of activity. A poker room, for example, could include a decorative slot machine, art featuring classic imagery from a deck of cards and card game-specific signage.

Create complete experience

Savoring the sweetness of victory can make you thirsty and hungry. Feed the competition and complete the game room experience by providing an area to load up on snacks and drinks.

Everyone will appreciate snack time inside your new game room. And, it’ll be easy to please them. A setup that includes some combination of a mini-fridge, drink rack, snack island or cabinet is all that you will need.

Partaking in your favorite drinks and snacks with your company will move the enjoyment factor to the next level.

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