Gyro Shack announces expansion into Twin Falls

by | Jan 11, 2021

Gyro Shack is on its way to a popular destination in Twin Falls as the company makes good on its plans of expanding through new franchisees.

Currently, the company operates nine locations that are designed with drive-through and takeout orders in mind, which customers value during the pandemic. As a result, the company has seen little interruption in delivering fresh gyros to its growing base of customers.

The Mediterranean cuisine restaurant is fast gaining lots of followers for its delicious Chicago-style Greek gyros, which are made to order and served fast.

Gyros and pita sandwiches combos come with a fountain drink and a choice of tzatziki, hummus, Greek salad, rice, fries, chips or a side of healthy vegetables.

The original pita includes gyro meat, tzatziki sauce, tomato and onion. The deluxe version adds feta cheese.

For vegetarian diets, customers can order the veggie pita with a veggie patty, hummus, cheese and fresh vegetables.

Gyro Shack also puts a spin on the traditional gyro. Customers can select a BLT, spicy, chicken bacon ranch or the Philly gyro that has a special Philly mix and melted cheese.

Options with less carbs are also available. Gyro Shack makes bowls and salads. The salad option allows customers to turn any gyro into a Mediterranean salad or customers can swap out the salad for a bed of rice.

Early risers who love their pitas can start their day with a breakfast pita containing egg, gyro meat, sauce and cheddar cheese. The colossal breakfast pita is filled with egg, gyro meat, bacon, tzatziki sauce, tomato, grilled onion, avocado, cheddar and spicy sauce.

A kids menu features grilled chicken strips and a cheese-packed pita melt served with fries, chips, applesauce or veggies.