Dairy ice cream store opens in Twin Falls

If you love ice cream, you’re probably familiar with Reed’s Dairy. It’s been a regional fixture and dairy producer for decades.

The dairy and ice cream company just announced that it will open its sixth store here in Twin Falls. It will be located along Cheney Drive West near Walmart and opens May 20.

Founded in 1955, Reed’s Dairy is famous for its fresh ingredients and creamy and delicious dairy products, including ice cream treats that feature tasty mix-ins and classic ice cream parlor favorites.

The handmade ice cream shop began with a family-run milk delivery business in the 1950s. The farm-to-table business grew and now features an ice cream lineup of more than 80 flavors that can be shipped anywhere in the nation.

Here’s a sampling of the exhaustive list of ice cream flavors:

  • Apple pie with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and apple chunks
  • Big daddy with chocolate ice cream, almonds, chocolate chips and caramel ribbon
  • Bubble bear with bubble gum flavored ice cream and fun-sized gummy bears
  • Butter pecan with butter pecan ice cream and pecan pieces
  • Cake batter ice cream with sprinkles
  • Caramel brownie with chunks of cake and caramel
  • Moo tracks with vanilla ice cream, mini peanut butter cups and fudge
  • Pralines and cream
  • Gourmet chocolate
  • Cookies and cream
  • Grasshopper with mint ice cream and chocolate chips, Oreo cookies and caramel
  • And honey crunch with graham cracker base, honeycomb candy and a graham cracker swirl.

For a complete list of Reed’s Dairy ice cream, go here.

If you love their ice cream, don’t miss out on their other creamy creations, including jalapeno cheese curds, original cheese curds, chocolate milk and eggnog during the holidays.

The store is at 163 Cheney Drive West and is located at the site of the former Canyon Rim Creamery.